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Blinking Landscape

black and white Super-8 film diptych, no sound, two projectors, two loop devices.
3:20 minutes

Direction, right camera, script: Bibi Calderaro
Left camera: Julio Grinblatt

A b/w silent diptych: on the left, a self-portrait blinks its way throughout 3.5 minutes of steady shot, as in a codified language, trying desperately to convey something. On the right a valley repeats itself as in a temporal photograph only to surprise the patient viewer with the passing of a shadow. Is landscape something constructed or something out there? Where does it start? Where does it end?

This short film is about landscape as a psychological construct, and belongs to the series of Documentaries about Time. It is a body of work about landscape, memory and contemporary perception of time. They invite the viewers to stop and explore the terrain as a perceptive act in itself, finding themselves in the act of looking. In doing so, they might unveil their own memories of places, their pieces of the puzzle, their ways of setting off imagination and informing an identity.