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Ignea: an exchange about nesting technologies proposes a gathering occasion around a built fire to talk about possible ways to inhabit the planet taking into account scale, interdependencies with others, and the temporalities implicated in these. It proposes to rethink human’s relationship with fire, energy and consumption.
Given the co-evolution of humans and technology, this occasion highlights difference and reciprocity in order to kindle the emergence of appropriately scaled technologies for convivial co-inhabitation. Instead of burning the guts of the planet toward sustaining homing infrastructures and asymmetrical power structures based on relentless extractive inequities, nesting technologies propose an opening to thinking with—engaging human and non-human others who as well make this planet their home. Noting that lives’ paths are constant dynamic networks with pasts-presents-futures, nesting technologies consider multiple temporalities and their implications in sharing and tending to.
Nesting proposes to lean instead of settle. Focusing on frugality and fragility, it recognizes the vulnerability, preciousness and magic of the web of life.