bibi calderaro

Curious about duality and what constitutes the subject~object relationship, I question boundaries and notions of stability to yield new layers of perception and ways of being.

I am a socially and environmentally engaged artist and researcher who employs a range of media to provoke an ethos of reciprocity with and respect for the more-than-human, while opening the subjective to the possibility of situated difference.
I craft and facilitate participatory performances that take the form of walks, presentations, sensorial workshops, drawings, artistic and academic writing, and other forms of engagement with texts, objects and storytelling. These propose ways to explore how difference may emerge, be sustained and represented in order to be communicated and shared.

Deeply indebted to practices whose matrix is therapeutic, performative, ritualistic and political, I am after something solid yet fragile, something solid yet fluid. And some tentative connections.

PLEASE note that navigating this website back and forth may take you through differing paths to a desired destination, just as it occurs in life and during neural activity.