bibi calderaro
we walked in pairs, one person guiding and one with eyes closed --touching, smelling and opening non-visual senses to the environmentwalking to the riversensing a rock with the bodywe had as much of our body contact a flat horizontal surface and looked upcounting how many waves there are in three minutes--then sharing our method
this participatory walk was part of the Black Ball Projects group show "UnRavelling"

unRavel~Ravel~revel~ (a walk)

The seemingly paradoxical meanings reflected in the acts of raveling and unraveling were the starting points of this walk. We embraced the simplicity and complexity that at once becomes enacted, interpreted and projected in these words’ synonymous and antonymous accounts.

I invited participants to join in an experimental walk that began and ended at the gallery, going to the river to count waves and explore the shore, hopefully transforming one’s experience of the exhibition in the process.

During this two and a half hour physical, collective and collaborative action we:
encountered time
sensed place
de-prioritized sight
and opened ourselves to the other.

Perception, attention, connection and correspondence were the keys to co-creating an indeterminately scored experience whose notation was precisely the soft, non-formed traces of our imagination.

Slowing down, sensing, laughing and moving were important aspects in the walk.