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This organic library is permanently installed and open for consultation at Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is currently composed of sets of books that allow for the exploration of thought as a sense.

Librioteca Pineal is a work in progress, a growing library of titles that discuss theories of aesthetics, perception, and epistemology. The books represent approaches that span two seemingly opposing perspectives: a fixed understanding of these discourses, and a questioning one.
The visitor to the library, the reader, acts as the hinge between these two antithetical ways of thinking, and as such mirrors the function of the pineal gland as a nexus between the two hemispheres of the human brain.

Librioteca Pineal is a time-based piece. Over an indeterminate period of time the artist will expand the sets and lists of titles, as well as invite other people to contribute to its expansion.

Permanent collection, CIA