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Acts of Faith

Color digital single channel video, sound
2:27 minutes

Director, Camera, Script, Editing: Bibi Calderaro
Voice: Cecilia Biagini
Music: Miles Davis

This piece exposes the viewer to a scale where the microscopic and the macroscopic, the toy, the scientific and the architectonic model are embodied. Its monumental miniatures’ collapsing and transformation are background to a text that aims to challenge social and political concepts of the Other. The English text, voiced by an immigrant with strong accent, delineates issues of belonging, communication, alienation, and colonization. The fast-forward effect deconstructs the medium by pixelating it and acts both as accelerating and retarding element, creating a dislocating feeling.
The enumeration of fictional building names mocks the real estate boom and pre-announces the crash some years prior to its actual happening.
Differentiation, identification, destruction and construction, are core concepts in this piece.