bibi calderaro
labor contract with linden
labor contract with linden
the record of an action based on interspecies relationality

July 11, 2005
Scotland Farm, NY

Laborer: Bibi Calderaro
Contractor: Linden Tree

Services to be rendered in full throughout eight hours of work:

Laborer will cut grass by manual means following the shape of Contractor’s shadow at noon (EST)

Laborer shall then proceed to implement three hanging devices from contractor’s main body.

Laborer reserves the right to invite third parties for the full completion of the work at any time hereafter.

Laborer holds the right to document procedure and implementation without limitations as to means and reproduction of said documents.

Compensation for services rendered:
Contractor will provide shade and shelter throughout eight hours of labor day as well as to third parties whenever in site.
Contractor will provide support and pivoting point for hanging devices and their use by third parties.
Contractor is not liable for any insect bites, sunburns, or any other mishaps Laborer or others may suffer while at site.
Contractor may provide Laborer and others, but is not required to do so, extra sensorial stimuli: fragrances, sounds, breeze, solitude.